Commercial Awnings

Made to Measure

Every single project is designed by professional specifically for your shopping window.

Wide Selection

Take advantage of our wide range of materials and models to get the look you have in mind. 

Strong Built

We use the best fabric to provide awnings that are built to last our winter.

Proven Expertise

You can count on our 30-year experience to get the industry best practice.

Let's find the commercial awning style that will suit your business initiatives.

Awning Signs

To attract the eye and show your professionalism, nothing is more catchy than a branded awning sign.

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Terrace Awnings

To extend your restaurant capacity rain or shine, give your terrace the feature needed to give clients the venue they are looking for.

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A marquee identifies the entrance or the exit of a brick and mortar business. It also provides shelter from rain when needed.

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Vestibule Shelters

A vestibule shelter is like a marquee with panels that block coldness, wind and oblique rain to get into your establishment.

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Curtains Walls and Panels

Make the most out of your awning with panels or curtains, allowing you to reopen your space when the nice weather is back.

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How to choose the right awning?